The Pulitzer Prize winning play by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Dale Hirlehey

Performances in the Joyce Doolittle in the Pumphouse Theatres Sept 22 – 30, 2017

Open auditions for the listed roles will take place:

Wednesday July 19th (7:00 to 9:00pm)

Thursday July 20th (7:00 to 10:00pm)

Roles being cast:

George Gibbs – Leading role – Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’s son. A decent, upstanding young man, George is a high school baseball star who plans to attend the State College after high school. Athletic, naive and sincere. Plays from 16 to 28 years old over the course of the play. Looking for someone 16-20 years old.

Joe/Si Crowell – a newspaper boy and in Act 2 (3 years later) his younger brother. energetic, clever male – 11 years old

Wally Webb – younger brother of Emily Webb also appears in the third act. Keen, boy scout – 11 years old

Rebecca Gibbs – younger sister of George Gibbs, intelligent, dreamer fixated on money – 11 years old.

For the roles of Joe, Wally and Rebecca please email and arrange a time to audition in 10 minute segments between 7 and 8 on Wednesday or Thursday

For the role of George please email and arrange a time to audition between 8-9 on Wednesday or 9-10 on Thursday.

Please come prepared to cold read from the script and show off your best you.

At the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre

3512 – 5th Avenue NW

(lower level of the Parkdale Community Centre)

To book an audition, email Dale Hirlehey at [email protected]

Our Town

Love and marriage, birth and death. Seen from a distance they’re just the rhythm of everyday life: but when you’re caught up in the middle and they’re happening to you, they’re the whole world.

A bona fide American classic, OUR TOWN tells the story of Emily and George, two unremarkable teenagers growing up in a small New Hampshire town at the turn of the last century. You’re invited to eavesdrop on this tightly wound community as events unfold – both the apparently trivial and the deeply profound – across the course of a decade.

Rich with detail and shot through with a distinctive mix of light and shade, Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning small-town epic of human existence remains as theatrically fresh and as topical as ever: OUR TOWN, but also, unmistakably, yours.

Rehearsals begin August 6, and will take place Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings 7-10

Tech week and Performance run

Sun 17-Sept 10:00 – 10:00 Pumphouse

Mon 18-Sept 6:00 – 10:00 Pumphouse

Tues 19-Sept 6:00 – 10:00 Pumphouse

Wed 20-Sept 6:00 – 10:00 Pumphouse

Thurs 21-Sept 6:00 PREVIEW Pumphouse

Fri 22-Sept 6:30 OPENING Pumphouse

Sat 23-Sept 6:30 Show Pumphouse

Sun 24-Sept 1:00 Show Pumphouse

Mon 25-Sept DARK

Tues 26-Sept 6:30 Show Pumphouse

Wed 27-Sept 6:30 Show Pumphouse

Thurs 28-Sept 6:30 Show Pumphouse

Fri 29-Sept 6:30 Show Pumphouse

Sat 30-Sept 1:00 Show Pumphouse

Sat 30-Sept 6:30 CLOSING Pumphouse