Simply Theatre Presents – Glengarry Glen Ross – September 6th – 14th!

Simply theatre is very excited to present David Mamet’s riveting play, Glengarry Glen Ross as their first show of the our 5th season here in Calgary.


Glengarry Glen Ross is the story of four Chicago salesmen—Levene, Roma, Moss, and Aaronow—and their supervisor, Williamson, who work together selling undesirable real estate at inflated prices. The play takes place at the end of a month in which the bosses of the company, Mitch and Murray, have declared a “sales contest”: The salesman who clears a certain high dollar amount will win a Cadillac, and the two salesmen who perform worst will be fired. A chalkboard is used to keep track of each man’s sales. Roma, who makes good sales, is the top man on the board, but the other three are all having trouble and getting increasingly worried.


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